Before starting a blog using wordpress we have basic knowelege of blog or blogging ideas. Blogging can be learned in easy steps of start a blog and the benfits of blog writing for you and people.

What is a Blog ?

A blog is informantional detailed experience of a topic, where we write and show it on digital pages or on post in the digital forms called as a Blog.


Blog is created by group of words or collection of word as a paragraph writing on any topic. It is the inormative media for people reading, writing, watching videos content and group of photographs. Blogging is best way to explain people digitally in anywhere in world, people can read or listen or watch using url link or website or blog.

Who and How can create or write a Blog ?

There is no special people to create or write a blog on throug a website. It means everyone who is interested to create or write a blog that is possible for everyone.

Another is thing How can create a blog or website ?

A blog or website needs first a domain name and a hosting to create a platform named as blog. It means this combination of domain and hosting. You can create your blog with domain and hosting but not don’t try free web hosting and domain.

Blog Creation has two ways to create :

Free Blog

Generally free blogging is depend on others website or any other organisation blog. This is not independant blog cause of cause your will be a subdomain or blog of any main domain. For example here ”” and” both are a subdomain fo and . Free blogging has more limitation of writing blog and designing. It can takes time to monetize your content on web and you have to practice to flow on search engine to your viewers.

  1. Wix (
  2. WordPress (
  3. LinkedIn (
  4. Weebly (
  5. Medium (
  6. Ghost (
  7. Blogger (
  8. Tumblr (

These above sites are example of free blogging where people can make their blog free using their mail id and contact information.

Paid Blog or Blogging

Paid Blogging or Blog can be possible as its name implies paid. Thus paid blogging and paid blog writing is independant way of blogging cause you have paid to work independant. There are you have authority to write anything related to your niche, micro niche or related to your website. Paid Blogs are mostly used nowdays and this type of blogging have more potential to flow in search engine.

How can start Paid Blog or website ?

Paid Blog or website needs two things hosting and domain. Blogging platform are available i different different forms, there you have to choose your blogging platform to start blog using your domain name connected a secured hosting.

There are 3 easy steps to start a blog or website designing:

  1. Register Your Domain (eg.
  2. Connect your domain to your Best Hosting (eg.
  3. Choose a Patform on using Hosting (eg. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Medium etc)

Paid Blogging or website desinging possible using wordpress with your domain and hosting. Here people have many option using tools to share and promote post and product. Here we can create post using different different format like elementor, affiliate booster, wordpress etc.

This is mainly construction and starting of a new blog and where yo can write and design your page and customize using your plugin and themes on wordpress. Mostly people use wordpress as bloging platform cause it is easy to use and user friendly interface for blog writing.

Digital Marketing Blogger use only ssd and cloud based server for hosting to host their blog and website.

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